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FMJ UK Multi Gaming Community Rules please read!!

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FMJ UK Multi Gaming Community Rules please read!! Empty FMJ UK Multi Gaming Community Rules please read!!

Post  Admin Tue Jan 25, 2011 4:35 pm

FMJ UK Multi Gaming Community Rules of Group members must follow these rules or be removed thankyou for you co operation and enjoy your experience as a valued member of FMJ UK.
All Members must join Facebook group page FMJ UK Multi Gaming Community for updates and information also Xbox group unless your a Ps5 player.
All Members must wear [FMJ] tag and Avatar given to support the community and be recognisable as a member.
All members must add all Admin as friends to keep up with games we are playing and be able to join our games or for any information including any issues you may experience. Your Admin are Gary Barnard - FMJ UKGaZzA, Liam Whitehead - FMJFearblood, Wilde J. Carl - FMJ Trooper, Jamie Telford - FMJ UKFury.
All members need Xbox downloadable app to chat with PC and Xbox members Members that are PS5 need Discord installed
Respect all players and Admin at all times no Toxic players including racial or sexuality misconduct.
No Cheating or Glitching if you are suspected or get reported to Admin you will be banned.
No music in chat unless allowed by everyone in the group make sure you have a working mic and it is set up correctly without interference or will result in a kick from the party.
No members from other Clans groups or community's allowed in this group to avoid poaching and advertising for other groups.
Members should be 16+ to join unless recommended by a member. Anyone can recruit for FMJ UK Multi Gaming Community but you must inform an Admin to get them accepted.
All new members will have a month trial basis to get used to the group and get all community requirements met. During this time you must be available and be a regular player and follow the rules.
If you are a member using FMJ tags and Avatar you have the responsibility to up hold these rules and conduct in whatever game you play. Do not bring the community down with any misconduct if reported this will result in a ban.
If you are a member streaming or uploading to Youtube or Twitch you must incorporate FMJ UK Multi Gaming Community Logo especially when posting on this page to represent the community and advertising purposes or your post will not be approved.
The most important rule is have fun and enjoy your gaming experience as part of FMJ UK Multi Gaming Community

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