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My Main class

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My Main class Empty My Main class

Post  Guest Fri Feb 25, 2011 12:54 pm

Primary: Ak47/Commando/AUG w dual mags
Secondary: Python Dual Wield
Lethal: Semtex
Tactical: Flasbangs
Equipment: Claymore
Perk1: Hardline Pro
Perk2: SoH Pro
Perk3: Ninja/Hacker pro

And now for my class when im up for a little banter/feeling like Grizz Smile

Primary: Baby Ak w/silencer OR L96A1 Extended Mags
Secondary: Ballistic Knife
Lethal: Tomahawk
Tactical: Flashbangs
Equipment Jammer/claymore/motion sensor
Perk1: Ghost pro
Perk2: Soh Pro/Steady Aim
Perk3: Ninja Pro

And my Killstreaks:

Counter UAV

Team player Smile - These killstreaks are probably the most helpful. Especially with Hardline. I basic have a constant UAV while everyone on the other team basically have no UAV. Then when i get the SR, Thats goodbye to all the ghost 74U Campers Very Happy


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